Why Apply Online?

  • You are in no way obliged to buy the vehicle, but by applying you register an interest in the vehicle.

  • You can submit your details at any time, our system is availiable 24hrs a day for your convenience.

  • By arranging your finance in advance you can have the comfort of knowing your finances are in place.

  • The whole process is confidential with no need to disclose personal details to our operatives.

  • The service is provided on a secure server so your details are kept totally safe.

  • Impartial Advice

We are confident that our products are suited to a wide range of finance needs, but if you are not sure then the Finance & Leasing Association have produced an impartial guide to motor finance. Their simple guide to your finance options will explain how the different products work and their finance decider tool will help you choose which product is the most suited to your needs.


  • APR (Annual percentage rate) - a standard method of calculating the full cost of the interest and other charges on the finance. You should use the APR to compare the cost of different finance options, although lease agreements will not show an APR.

  • Balloon Payment - a one-off payment made by you at the end of some finance agreements. It will reduce your monthly payments.

  • Credit Rating - a scoring system used by finance companies to help decide how much finance to make available to you. Clickhere for more information

  • Flat rate - the base interest rate charged on the finance. Dealers will sometimes quote a monthly or annual flat rate but you should ask for the APR, which more accurately describes the true cost of the finance.

  • Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) - it is the lowest amount that your car is guaranteed to be worth at the end of a contract purchase deal and will usually be the same as the deferred amount on the finance.

  • Residual value - the value of your car at the end of the finance agreement, after a certain time and mileage. It may or may not be guaranteed, depending on the terms of your agreement.

  • Total amount payable - the total cost of the finance, including any interest or other charges, if you repay the finance over the agreed period. This is a good way to compare the actual cost of various types of motor finance.

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